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# 1 A few suggestion
05-12-2012, 05:39 AM
I just have a few suggestions to keep up the players interest.
1 - We should be able to start the different front at lower level, perhaps even start at different points. I leveled up 2 federations tactical officers to level 50, but I have done again the Klingon front and the Romulan front. I tried start a science officer, but it's not that different. I could skip some part, but I cannot start the Romulan front before level 20 and the Cardassian front before 39.
2 - We should have the option to start low level Klingons. My level 11 Starfleet officer have a lot more stuff in general than my level 28 Klingon. She have duty officer since level 7, she accumulate crafting stuff since level 3, ...
3 - We should have a opt-out option for the lock box, there is just too many of that. I have done many STF mission and loss that much time with them. Everybody pass on it, than it come back available for pickup. Or at least, reduce the drop rate.
4 - The mystery boxes, at least make them a mystery, it's always a lock box.

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