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05-12-2012, 09:26 AM
Greetings all STO players,

Proteus is a gaming community that started almost 8 years ago, and has been in multiple MMOs. The trekkies here are proud to say that the STO group is the largest and most successful group Proteus has had to date. Here everyone is friendly, and here to play the game with everyone else and just have fun. We are a pretty relaxed group and we are always trying to help make the gaming experience better for each individual.

Proteus is an open group for ALL players, "newbies" and veterans alike. We will always accept new players, as long as we have a slot open in the roster. we run daily STFs, and bi weekly Fleet Actions as well as Bi-weekly fleet and committee meetings to keep the community updated. We don't mind people asking "dumb questions" as we've all asked at least one here

If you would like an invitation or more information or an invite, just send a mail to Tukhai@ilikpi and ill get back to you ASAP. Proteus would love to have you join our ranks, and have fun. happy star trekkin' all, and see you in the stars

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