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# 1 My First Klingon PvP
05-13-2012, 02:59 AM
I was a bit bored waiting for Second Star to the Right to patch. Mars Shipyard took 3 hours to patch! I just gave up on it and decided to do some PvP. There wasn't anything much else to do as I was raiding last night and had enough with the episode missions too. I needed to be level 27 to progress the Drozana story arc.

So on with PvP. Commander level Fed vs KDF

I appeared in the Cracked Planetoid map accompanied by an Orion flight deck cruiser and another Bird of Prey. I bid them both good morning and stated my ship build and role (specced for carrier escort and healing.)

I then led the small taskgroup out to the high centre of the map knowing instinctively the Federation are quite predictable and will go right for the centre. Sure enough, we got to bounce them from high up and they almost never saw us coming.

I observed the enemy taskgroup cautiously advancing along the level plane of the map, and the other Bird of Prey on the team had also gotten a hint of my tactics.

We will use the Orion carrier as a bait while both our cloaked BoPs will stage a tactical ambush. Beams started firing, Green disruptors from the carrier and yellow phasers in retaliation. The exchange was indecisive, and then both Birds of Prey closed in on the lead Federation heavy escort right behind the Orion interceptors and blew it to smithereens before it could do anything.

The other two Federation ships were so cautious they failed to see one of their number breaking off to engage us, and thus we divided and we conquered. Halfway through the messy dogfight two Federation ships started to target me but there was my trump card.

I deliberately cut power to engines to appear like a slow moving target with 125 weapons power, but then they were wrong. With a click of a button I switched back to 'balanced' skirmishing setting with maximum shields and engines and proceeded to easily tank and dodge a huge number of beam overloads, torpedoes and tractor beams. The heavy escort, wanting revenge, started to chase me down and I obliged by wagging my tail feathers at him and luring him -verrrry far- from his Federation comrades, where all 3 of us suddenly intercepted him and blew him to bits for the second time. He had maximum power to weapons but his dual beam banks could barely do more than 30% damage to my resilient shield array. I also kept the tac team in reserve for rearward defence.

By contrast the enemy Norway-class's defence was so poor my single rear turret and single photon torpedo tube actually breached his front shields!

The enemy Nebula class was royally ****ed now and steered his ship right at me. We played chicken, and from hereon my two copies of Cannon Rapid Fire and dual disruptor DCs pretty much covered their hulls with green explosions while the Feds were probably wondering why in the blue hells can't they take down my Resilient Shields.

Well that's because I have a tactical team, science team, EPTS, shield battery and Engineer's DR buffs! I shared the heals with the carrier and other BoP as they continued to lay waste to the Federation ships, one after the other.

It became easier and easier to destroy the Starfleet vessels as their Captains lost their cool and started to drive their ships right for us instead of playing tactically. They started cussing at our cloak (even if we never touched battle cloak) and our carrier (which was providing very effective long range precision fire support.)

We deliberately targeted the enemy captain that kept posting foul language on Zone chat, exploting his psychological weaknesses (and lack of team leadership ability) by repeatedly blowing his ship up.

Thus enraged, I led the Feddies out one by one into the killing grounds where superior Klingon skill at arms delivered a decisive victory in favour of the Empire

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# 2
05-15-2012, 07:21 AM
A glorious victory! Thank you for the fine After Action Report.

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