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# 1 Galactic Rangers Recruitment
05-13-2012, 06:35 AM
We are the first line of the Federations Galactic Defence and Armored Tactical Response..but we are also a friendly group of helpfull Captains together for the fun of it and to aid new Captains on their first adventures into the eternal spacial darkness.

We seek new captains who are willing to play hard, be loyal to the fleet and friendly to everyone. If you think you can bring a positive element to the fleet, then we will all work together to get you to your full potential.

For Starfleet captains:
"Galactic Rangers Fleet"
contact one of the following:
Ramon@24681012; Dae@Daemiaan; James@brwjames; Goldberger@Goldberger; DeadlyChimera@deadlychimera; Saavil@matzem24; Omnyhos@omniusexor; Kitsune@kitsunespirits

For Klingon captains
"Imperial Galactic Rangers"
contact one of the following:
Vader@24681012; Garawl@Daemiaan; Slheya@omniusexor; K'rotak@matzem24; Ch'Rato@kitsunespirits

otherwise you could post your name in this thread.

We will be happy to have you in one of our fleets.

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