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05-13-2012, 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by Hitherow
In Insurrection, the Ba'ku pretty much made it clear they have no intent on using technology at all and will continue to live the simple life they have on that world
Yes ... that movie was full of it.

Not that STO does not bave its "oh we decided to throw away technology" with Saturday's Child and even if the Ba'ku come first we already have our own.

Also you want for me to go about how the hell did a rare that thrown away technology managed to get a split faction that not only had the technical know-how but also the industrial capability too ...of, never mind that ... Country Life=Good/Cities=BAD!!!
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08-07-2014, 01:26 AM

I'm thinking we could get a C store bundle with the smaller warship and the two variants of the larger battleship.
They would all be able to mount dual cannons, the smaller warship being more of an escort/attack vessel and one of the battleships having an engineering lean and the other a science lean. The science leaning ship could have some sort of watered down and balanced subspace console, (3 weapons fore 3 weapons aft) and the engineering ship could have a special weapon; perhaps some sort of dual heavy turret (4 weapons fore 3 weapons aft). Balancing them could make the Battleship having weaker hull and shields than comparably sized ships, but with better DPS. The little warship could have some dual torpedo launcher or something. Perhaps a So'na set that unlocked a subspace torpedo that takes 15 minutes to reload and can only be used when shields, engines, and other weapons are shut down temporarily..

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