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I started working on this list for someone who never really watched the Star Trek Franchise so that they could, at their leisure, peruse the episodes on startrek.com or youtube.com and get caught up on all the elements of the game that originated in these episodes. I am going to post this list here so that some people can get a start on catching up and some of the seriously serious trekkies can offer their input on refining the list further.

I don't pretend that this is exhaustive but it should be a good start. *means it is an indirectly related episode.

Star Trek TOS:

Godlike Aliens: "Where No Man Has Gone Before*", "Charlie X*", "The Corbomite Maneuver*", "The Squire of Gothos*", "The Return of the Archons*", "The Alternative Factor*", "The City on the Edge of Forever", "Who Mourns for Adonais*", "The Changeling*", "Cat's Paw*", "The Gamesters of Triskelion*", "Plato's Stepchildren*", "Requiem for Methuselah*"

Later References: "The Naked Time*", "Space Seed", "The Devil In The Dark", "Mirror, Mirror", "The Doomsday Machine", "Metamorphosis*", "The Lights of Zetar*"

Captain Mudd: "Mudd's Women*", "I, Mudd*"

Mind Meld: "Dagger of the Mind*"

Gorn: "Arena*"

Klingons: "Errand of Mercy", "The Trouble With Tribbles", "A Private Little War", "Day of the Dove"

Romulans: "Balance of Terror", "The Enterprise Incident*"

Tholians: "The Tholian Web*"

Star Trek: Animated Series

Tribbles: "More Tribbles, More Troubles*"
Godlike Aliens: "The Magics of Megas-tu*"
Captain Mudd: "Mudd's Passion*"
Kzinti/Caitians = "The Slaver Weapon*"
Orion Pirates = "The Pirates of Orion*"

Star Trek TNG:

Q: = "Encounter at Farpoint I, II", "Hide and Q", "Q Who", "Deja Q", "The Survivors*", "Captain's Holiday*", "Qpid*", "True Q*", "Tapestry*", "All Good Things"

Devidians = "Time's Arrow I, II"

Tasha Yar/Sela = "The Naked Now*", "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Skin of Evil", "Redemption I, II"

Ferengi = "The Last Outpost", "The Battle", "The Price", "Menage a Troi", "Rascals", "Suspicions", "Bloodlines"

Traveller = "Where No One Has Gone Before*", "Remember Me*"

Edo = "Justice*"

Lwaxana Troi = "Haven*", "Manhunt*", "Half A Life*", "Cost of Living*", "Dark Page*"

Bynars = "11001001*"

Crystaline Entity = "Datalore", "Home Soil*", "Silicon Avatar"

Exocomp = "The Measure of a Man*", "The Quality of Life"

Iconians = "Contagion"

Borg = "Q Who", "Best of Both Worlds I, II", "I Borg*", "Descent I, II*"

Pakleds = "Samaritan Snare*"

Sheliak = "The Ensigns of Command*"

Leah Brahms = "Booby Trap*", "Galaxy's Child*"

Romulans = "The Neutral Zone", "The Enemy", "The Defector", "Sins of the Father*", "Tin Man", "Data's Day", "The Drumhead", "The Mind's Eye", "Unification I, II", "The Next Phase*", "Face of the Enemy", "Timescape"

Lal = "The Offspring*"

Nausicaans = "Allegiance*"

Cardassians = "The Wounded", "Chain of Command I, II", "Lower Decks*", "Journey's End*", "Preemptive Strike*"

Trill = "The Host*"

Tamarians = "Darmok*"

Bajorans = "Ensign Ro*"

Katarians = "The Game*"

Temporal Police = "A Matter of Time*"

Preservers = "The Chase", "Masks*"

Kahless = "Rightful Heir"

Federation Cloaking = "The Pegasus*"

Star Trek DS9:

Prophets = "Emissary I, II", "In The Hands of The Prophets*"

Jem'Hadar = "Captive Pursuit*", "The Jem'Hadar", "The Abandoned", "Hippocratic Oath", "Starship Down", "To The Death", "The Ship*", "Rocks and Shoals*", "Valiant*"

Q = "Q-Less*"

Trill = "Dax*", "Invasive Procedures*", "Facets*", "Change of Heart*", "Afterimage*"

Ferengi = "The Nagus", "Rules of Acquisition", "Prophet Motive", "Family Business", "Little Green Men*", "Ferengi Love Songs", "The Magnificent Ferengi", "Profit and Lace"

Dominion = "Vortex*", The Alternate*", "The Search I, II", "The Adversary", "Homefront", "Paradise Lost", "Broken Link", "Apocalypse Rising", "In Purgatory's Shadow", "By Inferno Light", "Call To Arms*", "A Time To Stand", "Behind The Lines", "Favor the Bold", "Sacrifice of Angels", "In The Pale Moonlight", "Tears of the Prophets", "Treachery, Faith and the Great River*", "Chimera", "When It Rains", "The Dogs of War", "What You Leave Behind"

Lawaxana Troi = "The Forsaken*", "Fascination*", "The Muse*"

Notable Mention = "Crossover*", "Second Skin*"

Kahless = "Sword of Kahless"

Pah-Wraith = "The Assignment"

Empok Nor = "Empok Nor"

Orion Syndicate = "A Simple Investigation*", "Honor Among Thieves*"

Breen = "Penumbra*", "Till Death Us Do Part*", "Strange Bedfellows*", "The Changing Face of Evil*"

Star Trek VOY:

Warp 10: "Threshold*"

Q = "Deathwish*", "The Q and the Grey*", "Q2*"

Naomi Wildman = "Deadlock", "Once Upon A Time"

Ferengi = "False Profits", "Inside Man*"

Temporal Police = "Future's End I, II*", "Year of Hell I, II*", "Relativity*"

Notable Mention = "Flashback*", "Concerning Flight*", "Message In a Bottle", "Vis a vis*", "Living Witness", "Hope and Fear", "Extreme Risk", "Equinox I, II*", "Lifeline*", "Shattered*", "The Void*", "Workforce I, II*", "Homestead*"

Borg = "Unity*", "Scorpion I, II", "The Gift*", "The Raven*", "Mortal Coil*", "The Omega Directive*", "One*", "Drone", "Dark Frontier I, II", "Survival Instinct*", "Unimatrix Zero I, II", "Imperfection*", "Endgame"

Icheb = "Collective", "Child's Play*",

Species 8472/Undine = "In the Flesh"

Gorn = "Distant Origin*"

Hirogen = "Hunters", "Prey", "The Killing Game I, II", "Flesh and Blood I, II"

Klingons/Miral Parris = "Barge of the Dead", "Lineage", "Prophesy"

Star Trek MOV:

ST: The Motion Picture*
ST: Wrath of Kahn
ST: Search For Spock
ST: Voyage Home*
ST: Final Frontier*
ST: Undiscovered Country
ST: Generations
ST: First Contact
ST: Insurrection*
ST: Nemesis

Star Trek
Lt. Commander
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# 2
05-07-2012, 02:36 PM
Wow. That's a good idea.

Even if I already know all of this episodes (besides the animated series) it's a good episode list for watching episodes which are related to the STO lore again ^^
Lt. Commander
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# 3
05-07-2012, 02:51 PM
whoa! Nice work there! :::thumbs up:::
Lt. Commander
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# 4
05-07-2012, 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by nixboox View Post
Gorn = "Distant Origin*"
That's not even indirectly related. They're reptiles. That's it o.o
Lt. Commander
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# 5
05-07-2012, 08:18 PM
You omitted ENT but included TOS and TAS

I suggest tvlinks.eu to view episodes, that site is a godsend.
Lt. Commander
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# 6
05-14-2012, 06:07 AM
Episodes numbers? season numbers?

Your list looks more like a mumbo jumbo mish mash of words.

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