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05-04-2012, 06:17 PM
One would think, but no. I've run this computer through numerous stress testers and it does fine. I've played Crysis with the graphics cranked, had it stuttering (which going to max with STO does not do) and it still does not crash. Also, to literally go almost 4 days without even being on the computer (completely shutdown), come home, turn it on and start STO, then 5 mins later be locked up... overheating makes no sense.
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05-04-2012, 06:36 PM
STO uses the CPU a lot more than most games so overheating is still a possibilty unless you actually record the temp while the game is playing to eliminate that as the cause. check after you shut the game down will not give a true temp indication.
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05-14-2012, 05:43 AM
You know, I really would like to know what about "start up computer, play for 5 minutes (don't even have to be doing anything other than going through the duty officer assignments), crash, reboot, play for hours no prob" makes people think "overheat".

And maybe it's just me, but in my experiences of overheating (especially CPU), the whole system simply shuts itself off, not locks up.

But honestly, though, it really seems now like it's not winamp itself, but rather having winamp selected as the music player from within STO's options. Since the last time I crashed, I have been playing almost daily, some days for several hours (5-7), without issue.

I'm thinking the last day that I really had issues, perhaps part of the reason why it kept crashing despite my setting the player to None was because it wasn't updating itself properly. I think that's a bit evident by how after each crash the player would be set back to winamp after. Then on the first time I was able to log in and verified that it was updated to None, it didn't crash again.

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