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02-20-2012, 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by Hellspawny View Post
Pick up some guys from the EliteSTF channel and don't waste your time with PuGs.
Can't untilI get some more Critical Components. I only have one left. It's best not to to go in un-prepared.
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03-06-2012, 10:43 PM
With all the trouble people have on Cure Elite PuGs, I wonder why they do so well on Infected Elites?

About 70% of the time they do exactly what is asked. Odd.

Maybe they are faking stupidity in Cure Elites? Na, that wouldn't explain it.

But oddly enough, they seem to do pretty well in Infected Elite PuGs.

Every now and then you see someone who sets off in the distance just collecting the drops and there is almost always one or two Rainbow/Technicolor weapons in there.

Here's a quote from the Skills Planner. This is the very first rule in the Suggestions.

"Rule of One - The most important thing to do is stick to one ship, energy weapon type, and projectile weapon type."

It's pretty well known by many of the experianced that if you enter a pug in a Normal STF with 3 or 4 ships with Technicolor Weapons you will end up carrying the group through the entire Action. The others will likely be off somewhere trying to kill a Raptor or Sphere that you probably could kill with a one shot volley. That PuG will likely lose the Optional because you can't be everywhere at once.

If there's one or two Rainbows then you will be in much better shape, just much slower than should be.

A Normal Cure with 5 real ships and no Fail Boats will often finish off all the cubes with 7 or 8 minutes to spare. Rainbows bring the time down to the wire and sometimes lose all together.

But all said and told, I find it interesting that people can actually do an Infected Elite while being completely unable to grasp the concept of the Cure Elite.

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05-14-2012, 06:59 AM
Somebody has always killed a cube, and I have only seen fail doing this on elite. Elite on the other two is no problem.

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