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I'm running a slightly modified version of something (<--setup here, click me!) that was suggested previously when I asked about cruisers. It works great in PVP & normal STFs, but I'm finding in elites it can't do enough DPS to handle more than a couple of probes at a time in Khitomer, and it takes a while to stop two birds of prey in Cure (though I can stop them before they reach the Kang). Stopping raptors before they reach the Kang in Cure or killing the 4 probe spawns in KA is out of the question though.

As far as I can tell the reason is probably because the weapon power drops so much while the beam arrays are cycling. I start at 125 & drop to about 50 normally or as far down as the 30s when Beam Fire At Will is running. This causes me to hit for a third of my maximum damage when the weapon power level is down. Other players have told me they keep their power levels close to 100 all the time, but I don't see how. I took one player's advice & swapped in an EPS Mk XI (70%) which I didn't have before (I was using an RCS in that slot) and didn't see any difference whatsoever. Even when I replaced all my engineering consoles with EPS I only stayed about 10 weapon power higher than before.

Any ideas how I can keep my weapon power and DPS up?

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