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05-17-2012, 08:16 AM
You missed all the good stuff unlucky, couple free ships, new series which everyone seems to forget already, you obviously weren't here for Season 5 and see the doff system which is a huge project.

As I always say, you all ask for far too much right now.

Season 6 is like right around the corner, people were talking about it going on tribble today, so what do you expect them to pull out of a hut on the run up to such a big patch?

The game is only about 5 years old including development and half of you want a game thats about 10 years old right now.
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05-17-2012, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by Kyuui View Post
and you know this how?
Seriously, some folks don't care for them which is their right, your claim has no theoretical, logical or realistic basis that you can claim this and have it be anything near right.

I've played foundry missions, in fact, just got done with one, I still don't care for them all that much, because they're in my opinion a cop out for Cryptic, one which they're about to use to make us do their work.

If you must defend cryptic, the foundry or whatever, thats fine, but do so with sound reasons. The above reason, is far from sound since you have no clue how little or how much they have played them and how much they enjoyed them. Only the OP does.
Cryptic added the Foundry under massive demand for it from players. You mention words like logical but I don't see you taking a lot of facts into consideration when putting your argument or opinion together.

Opinion is one thing but you really need to accept some truths and facts for it to be worth something. You seem to think if Foundry did not exist Cryptic would create more content, wrong. That would be claiming Foundry is a subsistute, like after its release someone in Cryptic got booted or is still there and just playing the game all day everyday.

Do you have any clue how many hours went into preparing Foundry and maintaining it? Do you realize Foundry also gets updated, requires developers to discuss or plan changes here on the forum plus in the office and update the community with patch notes. Anyone living in the real world knows a meeting about such things in itself has to be arranged, planned, executed and is all time.

Cryptic are doing that for the players who asked for it. No one gives a flying **** if you didn't want it and your wetting yourself because your crying so hard. No one cares because it has no relevance on anything else in the game when you consider the time Cryptic spends on it suits the players who want Foundry. That is their show and thier thing. You cannot make Foundry your argument.

If you have an issue with the game, you should feedback your issue and on the specific part of the game. Saying all this nonsense about lack of content is laughable.

DEFINE CONTENT, do you include all the doffs that have been created and the tricky use of the doff system slowly being integrated throughout the game? Do you consider that as content?

It is content. It is in the game and part of the play. That includes all the sets, new Reman set, Hive event and I'm not going to go on. If any player who has played through Season 5 still thinks there is a lack of content they should rethink their life as a gamer.

A player such as yourself who has only just come back, should spend a little more time looking at the work done before such threads. Maybe look into how much time each new thing has taking including testing and marketing.
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05-17-2012, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by jkstocbr
... it's being installed Tuesday

Yup, nothing of significance has changed really.
Reruns are not new content, player made missions are all disappointing, same excuses from Cryptic as before.
See you in 6 months?
I reiterate; some of the player made missions are far superior to ANYTHING Cryptic has released.

You my friend, are just a bitter troll. Go enjoy whatever other game you play, and please do not return in six months. Please do not ever return. Your presence is unneeded.

Yes, there are many problems with STO... especially since PWE... but you obviously WANT to hate this game. and that's sad.
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05-19-2012, 03:42 PM
Thank you to all the players that have taken the time to point out some of the things that could've taken me a long time to figure out on my own. Just to respond to a few...

It was never my intention to flame the people creating foundry missions or the people that enjoy them. I was trying to be subtle in pointing out that creating this seemed much like a cop out to me. I jokingly said that the game should pay any players that could actually create anything worthwhile when it first came out. Asking the player base to create content is not where I wanted my money going. That being said I will gladly try a few since anyone feeling as strongly as some of you seem to be couldn't be entirely wrong. Feel free to post your faves here.

@Zypher- I did indeed play season 5 on tribble and quit playing almost immediately after it was released. Not because I hated it or anything. In fact I liked it, but unfortunately my favorite part of it was the doff system. Even then, I would've continued playing but too many of my fleetmates left the game. At that point I didn't feel like starting over with a new group when there wasn't anything new to do for folks like me who had already devoured everything the game had to offer.

My perspective is still the same though, and all I really see is excuses for Cryptic and even by them. I actually saw a post basically blaming the lack of new content on the FTP transition. The competitor I've been playing at went FTP not long before STO and has put forth a great deal of content in that time.

Define Content...

I think this is where it is difficult on the devs since we all have different ideas of what it should be. This is one reason I won't hate on them. Some want pvp stuff, others want more solo stuff and even others want more foundry stuff. I personally want the difficult end-game stuff that I need to work with other people to accomplish. Not an enviable task but I refuse to believe that it can't be done.
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05-21-2012, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by John_Hardy View Post
I reiterate; some of the player made missions are far superior to ANYTHING Cryptic has released..
I agree. I played "Not Our War" from the foundry and was blown away by all the awesome gameplay.
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05-22-2012, 01:09 AM
Is there a thread anywhere with links to / quick intros to some of the "better" foundry missions? I've only played one or two that I thought were all that great, but I know there are a lot more out there that I haven't tried.

I would like some people to help prove to me that player-created content isn't terrible. I'm sure that sounds like I am already biased against them, but I'm convincing myself it means I just haven't played enough.

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