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Currently traits are just looked at for whether or not its a Crit or Negative for missions.

I would like to see traits have more importance or uses other that crit/fail

Some examples would be.....

Efficient = Reduces mission time by X% . IE You assign an officer with efficient to a 20 hour mission and it reduces the time to 16 hours. This is regardless of if the mission calls for efficient or not

Resiliant - Could reduce time in sick for injuries. Intead of 20 hours its in sick bay for say 10.

Stubborn - Maybe you could extend the mission time for a chance at better results. So a 2 hour mission might take 8 hours but have an increased crit chance.

These are off the top of my head and I am sure others would have some better ideas. But making traits have additional benefits would make more officers useful. Currently I have like 75 purps that never get used because they dont have the magic trait or have a negative. Cant really sell them since anyone spending 6 million on a doff knows what to look for. Only use is to delete for dilith. And I more or less use the same cookie cutter teams for everything.

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