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# 1 Second Wave bugs galore
05-17-2012, 02:50 PM
I was in a 5 man team today (KDF). Several bugs occured:

Defari ambassador chat greyed out option which others in team could vote upon. Including the 'mission complete' option. (had to time out and fail).
Could not find the guy to hand in the stem bolts quest in Quarks
3 people were locked in the conference room - doors glowing but un-clickable.
4 people were not flagged as having completed the mission and were therefore unable to claim a reward.

This is a total disaster. Re-running this mission as featured was a poor decision when it is left in this state. There were a lot fo annoyed players as a result of this in our fleet. These bugs existed before the re-launch and should have been ironed out well in advance.

Maybe some of it was a player error (stem bolts is a strong cndidate for this) but so many problems cannot be player created.

It shows the very worst of 'old school' Cryptic and I had genuinely thought we were past that.

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