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05-18-2012, 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by faithborn
While the need for coordinated cross healing may have gone down, it still doesn't address the fact that the game is incredibly twitchy. Ships have almost no natural resistance to damage, as opposed to games where there is a passive mitigation ala Armor or Magic Resist. It creates a very interesting dynamic of 'ping-ponging' between alive and dead.

In a game with 0 intrinsic and passive defense, the 5% intrinsic and passive defense will be king.

Also, armor consoles SUCK so don't even mention them. They've never been a viable option for passive defenses.
Being twitchy has nothing to do with it. Shield resists relate to shield power. Any player can move their power to full shields at the start of a match and gain significant shield resists/regen.

As a previous poster mentioned you can roll resists easily for both armor and shields. This included chaining EPtS for extra shield defenses. If you include warp core eng doff then you're getting boosted by up to 25 power per subsystem at a decent proc rate. This gives you boosts to aux (to boost heals) and engines (boosts defense and turnrate/speed). None of this is twitchy.

If you're worried about being a target of a quick strike, get 1-3 shield distribution doffs (each proc would be more HPs then TSS3) and 1-2 hazzard doffs for +15 all resistance @ green. Then you just need to know to use BFI when you see your shield drop (step one of twitchy response). Step 2 is use tac team or turn and distrubute shield (1-2 clicks). So, all a player needs is to hit 2-3 buttons to survive most high alphas. Or alternatively use APO/PH & RSP, 1-2 clicks. You could potentionally survive a subnuke by chaining these things. We haven't even gotten to team heals ...

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