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# 1 Starfleet HAZARD Response
05-19-2012, 11:44 AM
Incoming Subspace Message:

To all Starfleet Personnel,

A recent Borg incursion threatened several key Federation allied worlds recently. Due to Fleet movements and attacks in other sectors, minimal ships were in the area for defense. These vessels engaged the Borg force in a delaying action and succeeded in stalling the Collective until the arrival of Starfleet HAZARD Response teams.

Thanks to the selfless sacrifice of the men and women of HAZARD, the Collective was defeated once again, but the price was high. Half of Starfleet HAZARD Response was lost in the action, with dozens of ships destroyed and thousands of lives lost. The personnel on those ships will never be forgotten, but now is not the time to mourn them.

HAZARD must be returned to full strength. Therefore, effective immediately, all Starfleet personnel wishing to apply for HAZARD duty may submit a transfer request through the proper channels. HAZARD Duty is not for the faint of heart, consider carefully before accepting this challenge.

Admiral Ta'Rel.

Attached: About Starfleet HAZARD Response

Starfleet HAZARD Response.

The HAZARD Team was a military unit, an elite force of tactical officers, medics, marksmen, and pilots, that were utilized to take control of extreme situations and high-risk away missions aboard Federation Starships.

The team was the brainchild of Lieutenant Commander Tuvok while still aboard the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. For Voyager's unique situation, he felt that a team of advanced strike officers were very necessary in the vastly unexplored region of the Delta Quadrant

To that end, he held a tryout on the ship open to any personnel, excluding senior officers, for the Alpha and Beta squads of the HAZARD team. The team was to be the answer to many dangerous
situations, including High-risk away missions, defense of the ship or even assistance within the ships own high-risk areas.

Tuvok ended up assembling quite possibly the finest team he could have hoped for, and upon return tot he Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Janeway and Captain Picard both advised the HAZARD team be an important part of each Starship.

Taking the idea farther, Admiral Taedrinnar Ta'Rel began to assemble a special fleet. Not just a team, but entire starships equipped and trained to handle the toughest of missions, both in space and on the ground. The Starfleet HAZARD Response is a closed fleet of the Federation's best ships and personnel, able to handle the most bizarre, grueling and hopeless situations Starfleet has ever encountered....

And win.


Fleet: Starfleet HAZARD Response
Faction: Federation
Leader: Admiral Taedrinnar Ta'Rel

Website: HTTP://

About Us: We are a roleplay fleet, existing in Star Trek Online since Closed Beta. Our Roleplay revolves arround intense, almost hopeless situations and the heroics of an elite group of officers to overcome those problems.

Returning to STO after trying some of the more recent MMO's and finding we miss our home, we've decided to start recruiting openly instead of only taking those who were with us in our other games.

You'll find we are a small, tight-nit group of fun loving gamers that enjoy roleplay in a relaxed manor. Welcoming those new to RP and those who've been doing it for years, you'll never have to worry about being 'Hardcore' enough to roleplay with us.

Above you'll find the link to our new website, which Iíve just begun working on. Please forgive some of the sections that are yet to be finished. When completed, I hope to boast one of the best IC Wiki's for STO Roleplayers around, with IC and Lore easily found and mixed in with personalized facts and ship records.

We hope you'll consider joining us, and look forward to hearing from you.

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