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05-19-2012, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by asardetemplari
I've been wondering if I should get the Ops Odyssey, and a person in my Fleet said get the Excelsior ship, it's a better fit for a Tac Captain. However...

1). I don't conform. It just ain't me.
2). I like being in the thick of it, shooting whatever is shooting me.
3). I also like using Engineer abilities and consoles to bolster my ship.
4). I really need out of this Escort and into something a little more... beefy.

I don't want it because it's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a ship that can soak up hits, and dish them out in return. "Oh well, Tacs belong in escorts." Yeah well, f*** you buddy. I have been in an escort since level freaking one and I hate it. I'm more comfortable in a slow turning, enemy blasting behemoth. I can fly a Defiant proficiently.

Additional Information:
-I don't PvP often on my Federation character. I mostly do STFs with my fleet or you know, random groups.
First consideration for any ship within a class should be "Would I enjoy commanding this ship"? If the answer is 'no', then it doesn't matter what stats it has...you will either perform below par because you have no drive to learn the ship, or you will hate every minute of gameplay spent in it, ruining your enjoyment of what you are doing. Probably both. If you don't like the Excelsior, then it isn't the ship you should be driving. Period.

Find a ship you care about, that you love the design of, and master it. If you love the ship you are flying, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks...it's -your- ship, and as long as you are happy with it, you'll fly it to its limits and beyond.

As far as the 'Tacticals belong in Escorts' thing, that is more a general guideline rather than a hard rule. If the game designers thought that, they wouldn't let any profession play any class of ship. An Engineer can make a formidable Escort commander, and a Science commander can make a cruiser a pretty scary unit on the battlespace.

What -is- true is that certain ships are designed to maximize the skills of certain types of commanders. A Tactical captain can make a good Cruiser captain, but will never be as good at taking damage as an Engineer in the same ship, anymore than that same Engineer would be able to match the damage output of the Tactical captain in the same Escort. That's just how both are trained. However, that does not mean Captains who prefer a more balanced mix of capabilities cannot be successful in ships that are other than their recommended class of ship...only that they will not be specialists (with the resultant drop in ability in the role they normally would fill being a given).

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