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05-20-2012, 11:19 AM
So at first please excuse my Bad english,but i'am German so sorry^^

I have 4 Twinks here but no Idea what to do with them.So i have start 2 or 3 Rounds of Brainstorming and collect some Ideas and so now i'an needing help with Skilling and Layouts (for Consoles,Weapons etc.)

1.Twink (Tac in Advanced Escort with MVAM)
My First Idea was an Escort with beam Weapons.So i have collect an Officer with Beam Overload III and Target Shield Subsystem III
But its not funny to Play this Set up with MVAM (and i want to use this "Beam Escort Set Up" for my Eng in a Escort
So i searching for alternatives (Tac in Cruiser or Tac in Science Vessel)

Weapons Front: 2x Beam Array/1xDual Beam Bank/1xQuantum Torpdeo
Impulse/Shield/Deflector: Ageis-Set
Weapons Aft.: 2xBeam Array/1xTorpedo
ENG-Consols:EPS-Flow Generator/Neutronium Armour
SCI-Konsolen:MVAM/Borg Console/Fieldgenerator
TAC-Konsole:3xPhaser Relay/ Point Defense System

2.Twink (Eng in a Fleet Escort)
This is an idea for an ENG with Escort,want to use him with Beams (but i also say yes to a Set Up with Cannons (But without heavy Cannons).He will be still DPS-Dealer but i whant also that i can take more Punches then a "Normal" Escort

Weapons Front: 2x Beam Aarry/1xDual Beam Bank/1x Torpdeo
Impuls/Shield/Deflector: Ageis-Set
Weapons Aft.: 2xBeam Array/1xTorpedo(oder Mines)
ENG-console:EPS-Flow Generator/Neutronium Armour/Monotanium Armour
SCI-consoleoint Defense System/Fieldgenerator
TAC-Consol:3xPhaser Relay/Borg Console

3.Twink (SCI in a Deep Space Science Vessel)
Idea for this one was a simpel Healer but no Idea how to skill it.
On the Ground Healing is clear but in Space i dont know how to do.(Maybe in a Cruiser?)

4.Twink (ENG in a Odysee or Exploration Cruiser Retrofit)
Not something special a Good Tank Layout for this one.

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