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05-21-2012, 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
Most people seeing a Galaxy in an STF will assume it's the VA refit.

The reason people get upset about people bringing low tier ships into Elites is because your holding back the team, you are saying that your enjoyment is worth more than four other peoples enjoyment. It is basically a selfish attitude. And it is a Selfish attitude that people defend under the banner of I can play how I want.

MMORPG = Massive "Multiplayer" Online Role Playing Game.

The Multiplayer part means you really should consider others. Also they banned Shuttles from STF and are working to ban low tier ships.
I agree with you. I would never bring the T4 Galaxy into STF Elite. I was talking about Normals. I did 2-3 STF Normals with it - it's working as long you have STF gear equipped. The main problem is that you lack the weapon slots and that the Galaxy is turning super slow...

Edit: I actually didn't know that you can/could bring shuttles or T1-T4 ships into STF Elite.

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