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Hey Guys

Still having problems with the Featured Episode Re-Runs.

I have been in contact with a GM and, while I thank them for their time and effort in trying to resolve my problem, I did not get it resolved satisfactorily; I mean that my question was related to both the Romulan AND Breen Episodes (and a lesser extent the Borg) and yet the minute my issue with the Romulan's was resolved the GM closed my ticket.

To clearly illustrate my point so there is no confusion whatsoever I have taken screenshots to show what I mean.

The Romulan Featured Episodes

Having an equal balance of active characters (2 FED, 2 KDF) I managed to get one of each race up to, and at least haflway through the Romulan Episodes prior to the Re-Runs. During the Re-Run of the Devidian Missions, all seemed well and good, and, though I don't have screenshots to back it up, from my end, it appeared that ALL featured episode missions (from Devidian through to Breen) were unlocked and available to play any time and in any order; to be clear, they WERE NOT grayed out AND I WAS able to press the "Hail" Button to start the missions.

After the update on the 10th of May however, things changed (these Screenshots were taken during my playthrough of the Romulan Missions; which are now completed).

Link 1:
FED Romulan Missions

Link 2
KDF Romulan Missions

Whilst the FED link isn't the clearest, the KDF one is. Prior to the 10th of May I could play ANY Romulan Featured Episode Mission with ANY character. Afterwards, I was ONLY able to play missions the I had ALREADY completed. This was a problem as two of my characters hadn't started them yet, so I had to play my way through the previous missions just to start them; the GM suggested the use of the "Skip" Buttons, which, yes, would have been OK for skipping two or three missions, but we'll come back to this later.

This is also entirely at odds with what the Featured Episode Re-Run News Article states; QUOTE "Don't miss your chance to (re)play the Feature Episodes and earn limited-time rewards." UNQUOTE. It further goes on to imply that you only need your characters to be at a specfic XP level in order to play them (See the Article for more Info).

The Cardassian/Dominion Featured Episodes

These screenshots truely demonstrate an excellent, and confusing, aspect of this bug. Personally, with both FED characters, the ONLY missions on the Cardassian Front I have completed AT ALL are the Dominion Featured Episodes.

Link 1:
FED Cardassian/Dominion Missions

Link 2:
KDF Dominion Missions

As you can see. my KDF characters are able to replay ALL of the Dominion Missions. My FED characters, on the other hand, can ONLY play the Dominion Missions, which is fine, because I haven't started the Cardassian Missions at all with either of them. This further reinforces my previous point that, depsite being told the the Featured Episodes SHOULD be available to everyone, they clearly are only available to people that are REPLAYING them.

The Borg Missions

Now the major point of confusion. To my understanding, the Borg Missions are NOT Featured Episodes. And yet, I am now able to play them.

Borg Missions

After some research, I have come to the conclusion that they are available to me, due to the fact the the Dominion Missions take place BETWEEN the end of Cardassian Missions and the beginning of the Borg Missions; essentially, because I have completed the previous mission to the first Borg Mission, I can play them, regardless of whether I completed ALL of the Cardassian Front Missions or not.

The Breen Featured Episodes

Finally, the Breen Missions.

Link 1:
FED Breen Missions

Link 2:
KDF Breen Missions

Following the same logic as with the Borg Missions, the Breen Missions are available to me, because I have completed the missions directly before them; in this case the Dominion Missions. As I have not finished the Borg Missions with my FED characters, the Breen Missions are NOT available to me; once again, reinfocing the point that I can only play these missions IF I have ALREADY played them (which I haven't) OR if I have completed the missions directly BEFORE them, both of which are at odds with the Featured Episode Re-Run Article which specifically states that this should NOT be the case.

Furthermore, while skipping through the Borg Missions is an option, I really don't think that it should be, as I would like to play through those missions and get the full experience and rewards on my first playthrough (I have noticed that skipping then going back to play later results in lower XP and BOFF XP rewards). Essentially what the GM suggested was that I skip and entire Episode, just to play the Missions that should already be unlocked as part of the Featured Episode Re-Runs.


Now, if this is just a problem because its the first time they are doing the Re-Runs, fair enough, and yes, I know that it says in the EULA (somewhere) that the games availablity cannot be guaranteed, but come on. I know for a FACT that prior to the 10th of May, I COULD play ANY Featured Episode Mission I wanted, and afterwards I couldn't.

The Featured Episode Article does imply that they may Re-Run the Featured Episodes again at a later date, but quite frankly I think they should fix all the problems they are having with them now BEFORE they even think about re-running them again.

Not trying to sound nasty here, but if (@Cryptic) you wouldn't mind looking into/fixing this issue, that would be very much appreciated.

Cheers guys.

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