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# 1 Wolf 359 System
05-21-2012, 03:54 PM
Ok I know this probably a mute point to most people... but question... why the borg tech debris. Honestly the federation fleet at wolf 359 didn't even dent that cube. They threw everything they had at it and it just grinned at em and kept comin. I know its a memorial to that two part episode (Best of Both Worlds) but should only be the debris of fed ships.

Also I noticed there some a ship missing specifically... The Admirals Ship, USS Belfast I think it was. It was a refit Excelsior Class. Riker was up for command of it. It was mentioned in the show...

I know i'm nit picking but i do go to that system from time to time just to see if anything changed and to kinda remember what I believe was one of the better borg episodes filmed

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