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05-22-2012, 04:31 AM
Originally Posted by asardetemplari
It's a good thing I have a bunch of Neutronium Armor put away.
Look into Monotanium Alloy instead. You'll save Console slots... if you're running with a MACO shield, the Borg 2-set bonus and reasonable shield power levels, about the only thing that'll phase you will be Warp Core Breaches and Torpedos.

Also, if you're buying the Ody 3-pack, I'd pick the Tac version. That way you can keep your teeth (3 Tac Consoles and Tac LT + LTCom BOFF slots) and be fairly survivable (EPTS1x2, plus Eng Team, Extend Shields and Aux2SIF from your Eng BOFFs, along with HE1 and TSS2 from the Sci BOFF slot)

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