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So I'm migrating my KDF Tactical from a K'ti'inga battlecruiser into a Vorcha battlecruiser. I know the BoP's are more flexible. But I have a thing for the canon cruisers so tend to stick with them regardless of my profession. I've had great fun in the K't'inga. I'm wondering what might give the Vorcha comparable oomph?

Any suggestions along those lines would be welcome.
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05-15-2012, 11:50 AM
Given that you're not level 50, build doesn't matter as much, but I'd recommend something along the lines of:

Vor'cha Battle Cruiser
Bridge Officer abilities:
Cmd Eng: Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Auxiliary to Structural 2, Eject Warp Plasma 2
Lt Eng: Emergency Power to Shields 1, Engineering Team 2,
Lt Sci: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Lt Tac: Tactical Team 1 or Beam: Fire at Will 1 or Beam Overload 1, Attack pattern: Beta 1 or Attack Pattern: Delta 1 or Beam: Fire at Will 2 or Beam Overload 2 or Cannon: Rapid Fire 1 or Cannon: Scatter Volley 1

Eng: Neutronium x2, and either RCS Accelerator x1, SIF Generator x1 or Field Emitter x1
Sci: Emitter Array x2 or Inertial Dampeners x2
Tac: 2x the single damage type console for the damage type you use

Other Equipment:
Deflector: Positron Array (preferably with [Em], [Shlds], and/or [SIF] mods)

Duty Officers: 0-3 Maintenance Engineers, 0-3 Shield Distribution Officers, 0-3 Warp Core Engineers, and up to 1 Matter-Antimatter Specialist.


Only use a single weapon damage type for your beams/cannons. As you're a tac, you could try running a cruiser build with dual heavy cannons and turrets, but it's not a requirement, and those with beams still do OK. You shouldn't really mix cannons and beams either, though an exception is to use one dual beam bank in place of a cannon for the sake of using Beam Overload, which is an impressively powerful spike skill, so if going dual heavies up front, put turrets in back, and don't use turrets if using Beam: Fire at Will.

Cruisers generally lack good shield self-healing outside of reverse shield polarity (I don't consider Emergency Power to Shields here, because it's necessary on nearly every ship in the game except the B'rel Bird of Prey Retrofit, pretty much), so Transfer Shield Strength is a must because it's a decent shield heal that doesn't interfere with Engineering Team, unlike Science Team. Hazard Emitters is there because it's a good hull heal-over-time ability that also clears a lot of the annoying stuff you'd have to deal with.

Your tac powers have the most options because they're easily the most sensitive to playstyle differences, at least on a cruiser. If you want burst, go with beam overload, but if you'd like more consistent AoE damage while leveling, go with Beam: Fire at will or Cannon: Scatter Volley. Cannon: Rapid Fire is more consistent single-target damage, if that's more your thing. If running dual heavy cannons, having 1 RCS Accelerator console equipped is highly recommended. The attack patterns are also an option if running beams. If you'd like to be more defensive, run Delta, if more offensive, run Beta.

There are a couple common endgame cruiser powers I chose to ignore here, primarily because you're not at level 50, and thus are unlikely to be doing team-heavy content such as STFs for a while, so all powers are useful to you even if you're by yourself. I also chose to avoid powers which require an Engineer captain to perform the training, because you aren't one, so you don't have to worry about finding one. That said, I did cover the basics of a PvP cruiser build with this, but there's a good chance you'll want to include at least a single copy of Tactical Team, because it makes your shields so much stronger against burst. If you do choose to include Tactical Team, be aware that the cooldown for it and Engineering Team will conflict, and so you will have to cycle Tactical Team->Engineering Team->Tactical Team.. etc. and that if you use Duty Officers to drop either Team's cooldown, that will cut into the number of times you can use the other Team ability. It's still not a bad idea, mind you, but it has to be taken into account.
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05-21-2012, 03:08 AM
What i did on my Vor'Cha refit + TAC:

front: 3x Dualbeam 1x Plasmatorp
Aft: 3xBeamarrays 1x Plasmatorp

Ens-tac: TorpedoHighYield1
Lt. -Tac: BeamfireAtWill 1, BeamOverload 2
Lt.-Cmdr-Eng: EmergencypowerToWeapons1, RSP1,EmergencypowerToShields3
Cmdr.-Eng:EmergencyPowerToWeapons1, EngTeam2,EmergencypowerToShields3,EjectWarpplasma3
Lt.-Sci: SciTeam/TransferShieldstrength 1, Hazard emitters 2

To get the Level 3 Eng-Skills ask one of your Eng-Friends, he can train your BOFFs (if he is well specced) with the skills.

Eng: Borg, Turnrate, EPS, Weaponpower
Sci: Shieldcapacity, Shieldemitter
Weapons: ALL related energyweapon-dmg-consoles (depends on your beamweapon-dmg-type)

ATM my Vor'Cha Refit has the JemHadar full set on the ship. combined with 3 purple Polaron MK12 DualBeambanks, and a blue MK12 PlasmaTorp front. 3x Polaron blue MK12 Beamarrays and a blue MK11 Plasmatorp aft.

The turnrate is amazing!! the dmg is good enough. its fun to fly.
Thx to 2xEP2W1 + 2xEP2S3, i can do the Emergencypower to Subsytem chain. For this put the DOFFs with cooldown reducing for EP2"subsystem" and powerbonus after using EP2"subsystem" on my ship. to get full benefit of this chain. my battlecruiser is permanent "powered".

so you have a dmg-tanking hybrid.


just stick with 1 single energy dmg type (e.g. Phaser, Disruptor,....) dont mix to be a rainbowship.

Pro: Turnrate, can do more then average dmg, awesome Tank, fun to fly.
Cons: lacks on dmg compared to a TAC in BoP or Raptor, maybe an Eng in Vor'Cha is better in being a better tank.

its just what i did, so i dont say: Use this!. just take it as inspiration.
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05-22-2012, 12:37 PM
Thank you both for the suggestions. I'm not ready for the Refit just yet. I'm really just a Captain in the KDF. Though I may use a few of your collective suggestions to prepare for that goal.

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