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As my sig now alludes to, I'm looking for reasons into why the 22nd / 23rd centuries get so little late-game in-space love, and to (possibly resurrect/rehash) propose a potential solution.

In the "ground game", there isn't a problem for us "23rd century" fans. Right now, my main Fed has a full WoK setup, and my backup Fed is ToS. My main Klink has both a ST VI-inspired getup (along with his BOffs), and a ToS outfit (and plans for my Klink alt's BOffs to be so attired too). Yes, I am firmly a representative of the "minority" of TOS/TMP/Enterprise era fans in STO. And, there is Enterprise-Era costumes in the C-store, both primary-history and mirror.

While I had fun for the week or 2 that I could fly the lower-tiered Miranda, 60s Connie, and TMP Connie, I am slightly annoyed that I can pick from TNG-era retrofits for my VA-level ships, but can't get the earlier designs in late game. Therefore (and apologies for any theft), my proposal:

Much like the "TNG" era is split over the three classes (TNG = Cruiser, Voy = Sci, DS9 = Escort), I seek an ENT, TOS, and TMP entry over the three classes. One (and only one) has been provided already, Excelsior (TMP) in the Cruiser class. Therefore, I'm looking for a 22nd/23rd century based Science ship and an Escort, trying to represent TOS and ENT.

For the Science ship, I propose the Constitution Class (Retrofit) - taking the Connie Refit from tier 2 and decking it out in full Science regalia (enhanced shields, medium hull, subsystem targetting), it accurately reflects both the original size (slots in nicely in the bigger-than-escort and smaller-than-cruiser lengths) and multi-role design. It also artfully "skirts" CBS's desire to not have a "direct" 60's representative in late game but still gives us something that is close enough to the TOS ship to count as the TOS late-game representative. To differentiate the specs of this from the Intrepid-R, give it a 4-3-2 Sci/Tac/Eng console layout, but give it a Cmdr / Lt Cmdr Sci, Lt / Ens Eng, and Lt Tac BOff spread (vs. 3 Sci BOffs and Lt Tac/Eng). For the "special power console", give it a longer duration (or quicker cooldown) PD console that doesn't hit frigates.

For the Escort and Enterprise representative, I propose a resized Akira variant. Whether it's "inspired" by the classic Enterprise-era looks, or it's the "TNG Akira" with inverted (NX-style) warp nacelles, it gets Enterprise's ship design (shape) into late game. It would also be (as far as I can tell) the only Fed Escort with anything that resembles the "classic" Fed saucer shape. Again, a console tweak and oddball BOff setup - I'm thinking make it Science heavy (4-3-2) on the consoles, and maybe rip off the 4 BOff 12 power (Cmdr & Lt Cmdr Tac/ Lt Cmdr Sci / Lt Eng vs 2 Tac / 2Sci / 1Eng BOff) pattern to separate it from the Defiant-R, and a respec of the Ferengi rocket launcher to reflect the NX's pre-photonic loadout as it's special console/power.

This gets both the "ignored older" series into late-game consideration, along with completing the "one show per class" pattern established for "early era" along with "TNG era". It also tries to avoid the "canon"/storyline problems already presented (up till now, one reason there is no Connie-Retrofit is that the Connie is "too small" to hold the late-game 4/4 cruiser loadout) and other (CBS hate of the 60s) problems.

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