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# 1 PvE queue requests
05-24-2012, 08:44 AM
Specifically - the various STF missions:

1) Allow a private instance to start with less than 5 people. 4 would be really nice, 3 would be awesome.
Our fleet will occasionally have 'odd numbers' who want to run, so being able to run some with 5, some with less than 5 would be a really beneficial change. This *seems* like it would be an easy change to make.

2) And I know this would cause all kinds of headaches, and would definitely require some thought on the current queuing code to work out - A 'blacklist' so that if there are particularly annoying people, we do not get stuck in a PUG with them.

For #2 - if that means - you get booted out of that queue sequence, and just re-queued into the next - price you pay for wanting to blacklist people. I know some changes would have to be thought out, so that the blacklist process doesn't end up creating unintentional 3 or 4 person instances.

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