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I hope this video helps some of the Tactical Officers out there when they run STFs.
YouTube Video Link (Click Here)

What you need:
  1. Fire Team Kit Mk X (Purple)
  2. Pulsewave Mk XI or higher
  3. Energy Dampening Armor [Pla]
  4. Shield with [Cap] [Pla]
  5. Remodulator (use often!!!!)
  6. Large Hypos (bring 100+)
  7. 40+ Minor Regenerator (in your bank)
  8. 40+ Major Regenerator (in your bank)

When you die in an Elite STF you will most likely get an injury. Injuries will reduce the damage you do as well as the ability to survive. The combined affect of the injuries stack perfectly. There are three stages of injuries: Minor, Major, and Critical. You will need the corresponding Regenerator to heal the same level of injuries. Critical Regenerators are rare and expensive, but you only get critical injuries after dying with an existing injury. Therefore, heal your injuries every time you die.

Super Buff Steps:
  1. Strike Team II
  2. Omega Distortion Field (If Available)
  3. Tactical Initiative III
  4. Ambush III
  5. Battle Strategies III
  6. Target Optics III
  7. Supressing Fire III
  8. Fire on my Mark III
  9. Crouch (Press C button)
  10. Aim (Press X button)
  11. Plasma Grenade III
  12. Secondary Shot on Pulsewave

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