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02-04-2011, 10:22 AM

we will have joint mission with all interested players for the new weekly feature episode.
Join us this saturday against the romulans and contact us on chat or our website at:


Though there is no need to join The 300 to qualify for the joint operation on saturday we still have some open spots on our roster - so don't wait and apply for THE 300!

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The 300 is starting a recruitment drive to increase our numbers. If you are looking for a friendly group of experience gamers, look no further! We have mastered all of the STFs and Fleet Actions. We also hold regular special PVP events, like the popular Shuttle Wars.

Once a month we will be holding a fleet contest, open to our members and the members of our allied fleets. First place each month will receive 500 Atari Tokens. In April we will have a scavenger hunt and in May it will be a trivia contest. There are also plans in the works for a Foundry designer contest.

We, of course, have our own Ventrilo server for voice chat and a website where we share in-game technical information and PVP builds. You may visit our fleet website at www.the300.net.

For those who wonder what the 300 Spartans have to do with Star Trek, visit our website and read our RP background!

Anyone wishing to join us may register at our website or message me or any other fleet officer in game.

Best Regards,
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# 23 The 300's Scavenger Hunt!
04-06-2011, 03:41 PM
[size=4]On Friday, 8 April at 8pm EST, Fleet Marshal Giles will be holding an in-game scavenger hunt for our STO Fleet. STO members are also welcome to attend. The hunt will involve five riddles. The first person to solve the riddles, collect the correct items, and deliver them to the Fleet Marshal will receive 500 Atari Tokens! All delivered items will be returned. The list of riddles will be sent out via game mail at the event time. So grab your tricorders and sign-up today on our calendar or in-game through our Fleet Events. At the appointed time an announcement will also go out through our Alliance chat channel, "Joint Operations".[/size]

While I'm at Club 47 I will also be accepting new members into our fleet.

Best Regards,
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# 24 TOS Memorial Event
04-14-2011, 07:25 AM
Back by popular demand, we will be having a special 'TOS' Holo-Event. We will pay homage to James T. Kirk and the Original Series through a scheduled Replay Event. There are a couple of suitable replay missions, mostly from the Devidian story arc, that take place in the TOS-Setting; all present members will be voting the mission we will play.

Starting time: 4:30 p.m. (EST) Saturday April 16, 2011

Point of Contact: Mary L. Drake@FrancisDrake.

- Meet at ESD/Sol in system, prior to docking in lowest possible instance (#1)
- beam down to ESD, have a tour and invite possible TOS-looking players to the event
- group photo at Club 47
- flying to mission location in formation and complete it.
- Post mission, split up for PvP groups and do a couple of TOS-PvP's

All attending personnel are required to do so dressed in an original series uniform (Any TOS-Set will qualify, Wrath of Khan is available to all) and naturally with your fleet logo displayed. For guidance, please make use of the color charts provided:
Command, Helm
Science, Medical
Operations, Tactical, Engineering

- only TOS gear should be visible like Type I-III phaser weapons or TOS-Style disruptors, etc. Disable visuals for kits, Armour, etc.
- if possible use a TOS Constitution class with original weapon load-out, if not available
- there are also a couple of other lower tier ships that qualify (use good judgment)
- disable all visible equipment on ship/character (no Borg visuals, etc)
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# 25 The 300's new section.
05-21-2012, 07:26 PM

The 300 As the new recruitment officer and commander of sword, I would like to update our mission statement and our need for new officers.

The300's Section 31 department is quite full so I'm proud to announce that we are reopening recruitment for our new squad SWORD!

Help start this section of the fleet from the ground up and be a part of something from the start. This has opened new possibilities for advancement responsibility or just even a nice place to play casual.

The 300 has never been so large as to leave players lost in the shuffle. We have a dedicated core of players who have been in the fleet since beta !

THE 300 is a Federation guild of Star Trek Online. Established in 2162 (shortly after the founding of the United Federation of Planets), THE 300 is a special operations fleet, authorized by Starfleet Command and comprised as a joint venture between Starfleet Intelligence (Section 31) and Starfleet Operations (SWORD).

Valor, Dedication, and Honor are traits sought after in candidates to THE 300. The Fleet has a 30 day probationary period for new members, which may be waived if an existing member provides sponsorship for the initiate. We promote activities for Role-Playing (RP), and Player-vs.-Environment (PVE). Membership to one of our departments is dependent upon a character’s in-game focus and is subject to approval by the department's director. THE 300 is led by a council of elected executive officers, who in turn, elect a Fleet Marshal. All fleet members are accountable to the executive council.

THE 300 represents the number of sentient beings who formed the original organization, and remains the number of operationally active members. The name was adopted to honor the 300 Spartans from Earth's history, who fought and died bravely at Thermopylae to defend their freedom and homeland against a numerically superior army of invaders. The 300 Spartans embody the sacrifice to preserve the liberty of all sentient beings...much as the Federation today must hold firm against those who would enslave the Alpha Quadrant. As war spreads throughout the quadrant it will take determined and capable soldiers to hold the line. THE 300 protects the UFP in one of its most tenuous periods in history, beset upon from all sides by powerful forces such as: the aggressive Klingon Empire, the remnants of the Romulan Empire, a resurgent Dominion, Borg expansionism, and Undine incursions.



Conducts Internal Investigations throughout the Federation
Conducts Covert Operations to secure the Federation
PVE & RP membership for THE 300

SWORD (Special Warfare Operational Reconnaissance Detachment)
Front line of the 300
Conducts Overt Operations to secure the Federation.
First to fight in meeting open aggression from hostile forces

So how do I get involved ?
  • Simply reply to this post or PM me with you question or concerns.
  • You can check out our website at the300.net
  • Send me a tell or in game mail to @uss_marksman
  • Send a tell in game @francisdrake
  • Send a tell in game @rindfleisch
  • Send a tell in game @plodder

Lt. Commander
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# 26
05-26-2012, 09:09 AM
THE 300 welcomes all new members and a if you are still undecided - have a look at our own website at


for more information about THE 300!

Clear Skies and see you in game!


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