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Lt. Commander
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Ok I just bought the Atrox and was wondering what kind of set ups would be good for STFs.

Fore weapons: Anti-Proton beam array, Tetryon beam array, Quantum Torpedo. (All Borg and mk xi)
Aft weapons: Anti-Proton beam array, Tetryon beam array, Anti-Proton turret. (All Borg and mk xi)
Deflector: MACO mk xii
Impulse: MACO mk xii
Shields: MACO mk xii
Hanger: Peregrine fighters (green quality) or Danube Runabouts (green quality)

I am wondering if anyone knows any good fighter ships for the hanger I have been debating between Advanced Danube or Advanced Peregrine. Also I am wondering if someone knows good weapon set ups. I am good on Bridge officer powers and engineering consoles donít need advice on that.

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