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05-28-2012, 10:39 PM
My name is Vannessa S. Roshenko
Vice Admiral and the creator and co-owner of Starfleet UFP National Guard and Starfleet UFP Special Alliance,
and i want to propose an alliance with fleets on star trek online i created a chat channel for that purpose to help new player's with thier mission's we all know that these mission's are not easy not even for a cruiser with the bare essential's that are given to player's this fleet joint channel reaches out to other fleets with member's i have new player's in my fleet close to 100 and climbing.And also we're listed in the fleet social's too and already Starfleet UFP Special Alliance have allies such as SHADOW DEFENCE FORCE AND Starfleet UFP National Guard and Starfleet Command if you want to be added to our fleet description just e-mail me Vannessa Soralla Roshenko@capt_rac and i'll e-mail your fleet the channel and how to set the channel up.After all is'nt this game is about having fun and helping out others..

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