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Lt. Commander
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Excelsior Refit, USS Brooklyn Battery

Fore: 1x Dual Beam Phaser Bank, 1x Phaser Beam Array, 2x Quantums. All Mk12 borg.
Aft: 2x Phaser Beam Array, 2x Quantums. Mk12 borg.

(Im looking for mk12 very rare non borg stuff, it's expensive, how much better is it in pvp?)

Mk11 Maco Deflector (Have mk12, waiting on sheilds)
Borg engines
Mk11 Maco Shields (Working on mk12..)

Eng consoles: Neutronium alloy, Emergency Forcefields, EPS Flow Regulator, all mk11 rare, and a RCS accelerator, mk11 uncommon.

Science consoles: Borg Console, and ? (Sheild Generator, or Sheild emitter Amplifier, which is better with the maco shields? My shields run 70-100 on attack, 118-125 on defense, and i run two EPTS.. as explained later)

Tac Consoles: 2x Zero Point Quantum Chamber, Mk11, one rare, one uncommon. 1x Phaser Relay, Mk11 rare.

Now for my Boffs:

Lt Cmd Tac: Tac Team 1, Spread 2, High Yield 3
Cmdr Eng: EPTS 1, Reverse Sheild Polarity 1, Directed engergy mod 2, aceton beam 2 (Anything better for pvp and pve? :\ Aceton seems only pve quality?)
Lt Eng: EPTW1, EPTS2
Ensign Eng: Eng Team 1
Lt Science: Polarize Hull 1, Tractorbeam 2

Im looking for a good balance between dps and tank, more so a little more dpsish. I like my torpedo setup and i can get quite a number of them off, especially with the doff buffs. I also use phasers and quantums to keep it canon. That being said, how are my equiptment and boff powers set up? If been toying with them a bit lately and this is my latest build. I notice more tanking ability. Also, my power transfer rate is pretty fast, which is nice in stick situations.

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