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05-29-2012, 10:25 AM
What amazes me about this post is that cryptic never once thought (until now) that ignoring PvP for so very long is maybe what caused the low numbers of players that currently PvP.. and now they are "contemplating" taking it out of the game completely? I can honestly say that if that happens, I will no reason to even use PvE to build my ship up to compete in PvP, which is the only reason why I PvE and ultimately, the only reason why I play this game.

Perhaps if PvP wasn't ignored for so long, the numbers would not have dwindled down to almost nothing. I implore you, Gozer, to look at the statistics of PvP since the start of the game. While they may be low now, they haven't always been. I challenge you to fix and repair what has been ignored and dig back into the massive forum posts where PvP'ers, in fact, begged cryptic to give more time and attention to PvP.

I play the PvP queues every chance I get, despite the long wait times. Because the wait is so ridiculous, a STF queue will often pop before a PvP will.

Why don't you instead, Gozer, see how many people play in open PvP instances like Ker'rat where people don't have to wait on the queues.

I question your numbers and the validity of them as being a reflection of the true desire for people to PvP. Look at how it used to be before people moved on to other games due to lack of attention to PvP. Look at the massive forum posts on PvP viability.. which has not changed since day 1 of this game.

Perhaps if you do put the effort into PvP like what has been promised since the beginning, you will see higher numbers again. Don't judge based on current numbers. Ignoring PvP by the current player base is only the result of it having been ignored by Cryptic since the beginning.

You forgot a 3rd alternative, Gozer. If you don't plan to do anything about PvP, you don't have to take it out of the game... just leave it alone. I would rather have something, than nothing at all. If you remove it, I will have no further reason to stay because you (cryptic) can never program anything as smart as the human brain, and you are unable to replace PvP with any PvE scenario... that is a fact.

Why concern yourself with queues-- which is part of the problem? Why not create more open PvP places like Ker'rat . Why not create a queue for open instances that does not depend on the current numbers... (i.e. a player can enter even if they are the only person in the map). Show the total number of players in the map so we can pick and choose which open instance to join? Eh????

Thank you for your time and attention tot his matter.

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