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About 2 yeears ago I was walking around in Wal-mart and happened across STO, I picked it up reading the back, and I am reading on the back of the case now. "Play the way you want, Customize your ship, create your captain and crew even design your own alien species." Now when I read that, I thought this should be an alright game after looking at the specs' and such. With that in mind, when I began playing the game and went through the tutorial, I didn't expect to be thrusted IMMDEDIATLEY into battle with the most feared faction in Star Trek history the Borg. Now that I have made several characters and gone through the process countless times, I see that its time for a little upgrade. What I want to see, Starfleet Academy used in the way it was made, take a class for a few weeks or finish a large set of tasks, graduate and then become an ensign aboard someone else's starship, complete task given by senior officers there for a few days or weeks, rank up through to luitenant and get recognized by your senior officers. Get transferred between ships for a senior officer position as you hit Lt. Commander, prevent a couple warp core breaches, kill a couple enemys, save the ship countless times, and become first officer aboard yet another ship. Discipline a few members make recommendations to the captain, etc, whatever is necessary through to the rank of captain, where you finally get your own ship, and everything can continue like it currently is. Now I know its possible, its just gonna take time. But I wrote this with roleplayers in mind. Most people who pick up the game for the first time, I am sure are just like me if not pretty close to me.

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