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05-30-2012, 03:23 AM
Originally Posted by Dabba2087
Alendiak, what do you think of my last suggestion? 2 Quantums and 2 cannons up front, with 1 beam, 1 quantum, and 2 turrets in the rear. With two phaser relays and one quantum. Ill switch out forfields and grab another field gen.
I recommend 3 or 4 turrets on the rear, it's not going to help to mix Beams and Cannons. Since your going to be facing the opponent most of the time you could run a Tricobalt in the back for a really powerful rear kick. If you use Eject Warp Plasma, and have the Matter Anti-Matter DOFF you'll stall anything in the plasma and you can use a Tricobalt Mine for very good damage.

I run 2 Photons, 2 DHCs, Fore and 3 Turrets and a Trico Mine aft on a Vor'Cha Retrofit, the Warp Plasma trap works well.

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
How do i search the exhange for a boff with the desired skill?
Painfully, you can't search for specific skills on the Exchange. You have to look over all the Boffs.

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
What stats on weapons are generally more desired? acc, crith? etc
I think everyone agrees [Acc] is the number one stat. Extra Accuracy converts to Crit H and Crit D. [Dmg] is probably my second choice and most peoples third. [Acc]x2 and X is probably the best without going super expensive. [Acc]x3 will be super expensive.

Most people
[Acc] > [CritH] > [Dmg] > [CrtD]

[Acc] > [Dmg] > [CrtD] > [CritH]

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