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05-30-2012, 01:29 PM
Actually the Science Nerf is quite real. Gravity Well is great for NPC ships and Pets but does NOTHING to Player Ships (even with full skill and NO resistance on the enemy part). With enough insulators and a number of the STF set pieces energy drain is nearly undetectable. Get a good resistance setup to being held and Tractor Beams only stop you from cloaking and deal a minor bit of damage but cannot HOLD you. Stun effects work for like half a second against almost everyone. Repulsers can barely move a player. Scramble Sensors works for a second or two like VM does. Tachyon Beam is an utter joke. I have no resistance and I have been able to tank TB III with full skill on the enemy without any problem at all.

Basically there is hardly any good Sci Abilities for PvP anymore if your enemy has ANY skill in resistance even if you have full skill into the powers.

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