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In 2369, the crew of the USS Enterprise-D encountered the first known Dyson Sphere, abandoned by an unknown race when its power plant - a star - became unstable. Now, Ferengi entrepreneurs have discovered and laid claim to many such vessels, and are selling them to the highest bidder!

The Dyson Sphere is a superlative development in the tradition of very large, high-crew, high-powered vessels only available through the C-Store. A yellow dwarf star provides an abundant supply of energy for all systems, sufficient to keep them all at full power at all times, even when mounting a diversity of beam weapons. With an internal space equivalent to many M-class worlds, the Dyson sphere boasts the largest crew of any ship yet introduced: fifty billion! And, of course, given its magnificent size, you're sure to get noticed by your fellow Captains!

Yet the remarkable strengths of the Dyson Sphere do come with some tradeoffs. Given its massive size - over two hundred million kilometers in diameter - the Dyson Sphere's turn radius is wanting even in comparison to the Odyssey, and its inertia is greater than even the Atrox carrier. Its crew recovery is also slow - the craft is, after all, a self-sufficient generational ship - and so it must rely upon natural reproduction for its crew regeneration.

All Dyson Spheres include the exclusive Solar Reactor console, exclusively for use on Dyson Spheres. It provides a massive bonus to energy output, and allows extra energy to be used to create temporary photonic crew members, helping to overcome the Dyson Sphere's normally slow rate of crew regeneration. In addition, it allows the Dyson Sphere to project up to three photonic mirror images during space encounters, confusing and obstructing opponents!

The Dyson Sphere will be available in C-Store come August 1, 2012, for the price of 10,000 C-Points - very reasonable indeed given the grand nature of this ship. They will be available for a limited time only, so be sure to grab your Dyson Sphere before they're as gone as the lost alien race that created them!

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