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05-31-2012, 08:45 AM
Mavario I think you got it wrong, not as a bad build/setup but just the general idea.

The issue myself and Teslanar is having isn't in anyway related to the supportive abilities of an Atrox.
In general a cruiser can do it better, thats just the straight up truth. They can't drop TSS3's, but the Atrox can't Drop Aux2Sif3's or ES3's as the case might be. Further the cruiser is easier to pilot, more effective at doing damage, and just in general a more functional ship.

The issue with the Atrox is NOT with its tanking or healing, it does that well enough.
The issue comes down to just being generally useful, healings usefulness outside of a premade is sorta "eh", further a cruiser does it better.
So maybe you can heal while bringing sci stuff, well sadly "lolsci" is mostly garbage these days, AND with most of the all star options being PBAoE or based on the front 90... yeah sucks to be you whaletrox!
BUT YOU HAVE FIGHTERS! The only rather useful supportive one (the runabout) has been nerfed, not only is the tractor spam seemingly non-existent nowadays BUT the TB's themselves seem to have been weakened some. It doesn't help that with everyone crying about it now alot more people are running APO and PH than they used to...
Stalkers can offline AUX which can be nice, but you have no real damage options. Peregrines are the best the Atrox has damage wise and for pvp damage they are pretty much garbage unless you are praying for phaser procs.

The issue is you don't bring any real damage, which at the end of the day is what matters. An Atrox has no burst or alpha to speak of. Its a sustained dps setup, which is great for pve but in pvp its just "why even bother" since you can get tanked by an escort just keeping up an ETPS rotation.
Cruisers can and will rock better damage with keeping an epts/eptw rotation going and hitting BO's and such.

I can run my Excel, and be almost strictly more useful to my team in pvp than I can be in an Atrox.
I can run my DSSV and basically cover most of the Atrox's support roles and be able to bring better sci powers, while giving up the fighters.
In general its just why bother with an Atrox (in pvp)?

Also with all these doff setups, remember we will have flight deck doffs "someday" which will really help with the viability of the ship in pvp, but also sorta messup most of these doff layouts.

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