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After sending several tickets, and getting replies like "we are aware of this", this is getting really frustrating that no one gives some consideration on this matter.

For the ones that do not know about it, heres a short explanation:

On the C-Store, without login in, you can see all the items that are there for sale. When I log in, I do not see the Tribble of Borg.

I bought the tribble of borg around February before the major update where some items would be sold for each character.

At the time, I only had 2 characters. I bought the tribble and I got it, my other character never got it and it is not on the legacy unlocks.

A third character was created, same thing.

When I log into the game, or into the website, I do not see the tribble of borg there for sale.

I asked if it was possible to give me 2 tribbles, one for each character that dont have them, they say they cant.

So, they claim they are aware of the problem.... for almost five months and never got into it?
So, what about you give me back my C-Points that I bought using my own money at the time? Right....

So, please fix this quickly, with so many updates, and so many "stuff" getting into the game, and now where the C-Store is supposed to be the "marketing strategy" of Perfect World, this is less then a "perfect world" to me.

I realize there are a lot of things to do into the game, new content to be released, bugs to fix, etc, but this probably would not take more then 5 minutes to give me my tribbles.

It might not be so important to many players, it is just a tribble, the point is, that I bought it and it was supposed to be available to all my characters, and is not. I would even consider to buy it again, if the dam tribble show up on the C-Store.

With this kind of bugs, I am wondering what more items are bugged that should be available to all characters and future ones and they do not get unlocked or never show up.

I really hope that someone from the developers really take this thread into consideration, since the support ingame was never helpful at all.

Thank you.

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