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05-31-2012, 10:05 AM
Star Trek Online
I am going to try to break down things I see in the game now, and things that have happened in the past. Also I plan on submitting suggestions on these items. To start off ill start with the unbalance of ship types in the game.

A cruiser in star trek lore is supposed to be the main ship in every fleet for a few reasons. First they are supposed the fastest ships, they also supposed to have the most powerfull weapons on them, and finnally have a surivial aspect to them. In star trek online this is far from true. In star trek online the cruiser travels at normal warp speeds compared to other ships. They also lack the firepower they should have, but they do have the survial option to a point. Overtime this has been nerfed

The escort, Bird of prey, and raptors raign supreme in sto. This in my mind is a problem. I have made a post about this before, but not as detailed. In Star Trek Deep space nine they explain that a escort is a small quick moving ship that has more fire power then it should. Lets annaylise that for a second. More firepower then a ship of THAT SIZE. Meaning the smaller the ship the less power it has to play with. Opposed to a cruiser a larger ship with allot more power.

So lets now take apart weapons. Shouldnt a ship size dertermine how much damage a equiped weapon should do. Or at the vary least give the cruiser a higher weapon power cap. Ive played allot with cruisers and escorts. When sto first launched cruisers were nigh unkillable. Now this is hardly the case, especially with the increase damage of torpedo spread from npcs and players. So doing this I do not think will kill escorts. By cruisers I mean non dreadnaughts. Otherwise that would be op. I think sto needs to get back to what made star trek great. Seeing those Federation and Klingon Battle cruisers in the TOS, and the TOS movies. Battle cruisers have speed, power, and some surivial aspect to them. This is what makes them great in the star trek universe.

The next thing on my mind is Torpedos they have become extremely generic sense the launch of STO. To explain when sto launch the Romulans were the most deadlist enemy you could come across. The reason for this was there usage of plasma combined with disruptors. Plasma torpedos used to be the most deadlist weapons, IF used correctly, meaning you had to close distance or your torpedo would never reach its target. Now they still do a good bit of damage but not anything that would allow a player to change them out over quantom and photon torpedos. If a player did so they would be gimping there torpedo damage. Another example transphasic torpedos there shield penatration combined with low damage makes them useless. The funny thing is the player owned ones damage, comes no where near the npc breen transphasic torpedos. I can have full shields up and get hit by breen transphasic torpedos and loos 20% plus on my hull. Another example of this is Chronite again it has the small chance of slowing a ship, but with its low damage, its pretty useless compared to a quantom or Photon torpedo. Plasma, Transphasic, and Chronite torpedos should get a increase in damage. Or have there bonus ability increased. I think it would go a long way if people wouldnt have to stick to quantom or photon, just to be competitive

The last item is pvp, theres been talk blame games, and all kinds of other things going on with that. Allot of people have suggested a pvp system that translates onto sector space. After watching stoked lastnight. I figured id put my thoughts down on this general idea hear.

Every sector should be open to this, but I think the main thing is taking a small chapter out of Blizzard entertainments book. A person should beable to flag themselves for pvp, in doing so they can then travel to any sector they want to and engage other players flaged for pvp. This should work similar to a enemy single contact. As soon as you run into a pvper of the oposite faction your transported a space map. Any person flaged for pvp can enter said point of contact. Note I would have to say no to a system like this for the ground. This would have to be a spce feature only.

Now onto stokeds idea of conquest. I found that a intreging idea, but the problem currently is the factions are unbalanced by number of players. So heres my more detaied revamp idea. You pick certain systems in every sector blcok that can be conquered by ether side. To conquer said system you need to take both the space and the ground portion. These battles SHOULD NOT have limits on number of players. If we are going to have a battle lets have a battle, not a stat balance conflict. If one faction conquers all zones in a sector block. The faction that won should get a 50% drop on cost for pvp gear. Also the ability to build fleet starbases in that sector block that belong to there faction. While the loosing side gets a 10% drop in cost to pvp gear, and looses all fleet starbases in that sector block. So this does not turn into a greif thing. The loosing said may place the starbase they last at its current tier in sector block that there faction controls. This way they dont have to rebuild from scratch, that sort of thing would only harm fleets on both sides.. Obvisouly I have not solved the problem completely and some may say I didnt sovle the problem at all. The truth of matter is people want a star trek pvp system that involves changes in sector space. Also the Klingon Empire has allot of good damage ships. This system SHOULD NOT BE used for same faction pvp under any circustance. To do so would only further hurt the pvp system.

These are the thoughts of one player. If you want to disscuss them please by all means go ahead. If you got better ideas please by all meas go ahead and post them. Lets leave the s and trolling out of it shell we?

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