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i purchased the orion slavers from the shipyard at Qonos installed them on my karfi carrier and did a private challenge match with a friend, i deployed the initial wave of 3 fighters from each hanger bay and as soon as launch was ready i launched the second wave but as they came out the first wave dissapeared, the tool tip says that they support 2 waves of 3 fighters on the tool tip so i should be able to field 12 total with 2 hangers , unfortunately at this time i can only field a maximum of 6/12 orion slavers, also i noticed that the ammount of crew they remove is either negligible or not at all as well, i had my freind sitting stationary using no crew altering consoles or anything that could prevent it from working and his crew stayed at 100 percent every time the activated the crew stealing power.

is this working as intended and the tool tip for it is messed up or is it bugged and the tool tip is right ? i really like them as a fighter but i would really like to field more than 1 wing each hanger ... thanks in advance for any response to this
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02-02-2012, 08:54 PM
For the record, the Orion Interceptors have the same issue too.

It seems that whether you launch them from only one hangar bay or two, the most you can have active at once is two wings, for a total of 6 individual fighters. Either the fighters themselves are bugged, or the descriptions that say you can get 2 wings for each hangar need fixing
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05-31-2012, 04:55 PM
i have had this problem with federation side hangers, a simple soution that has always worked for me is to unequip the hanger and reequip it then you can field the full amount again, its some glitch with how it tracks the ships

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