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06-01-2012, 07:34 AM
Originally Posted by hort_wort View Post
I had a pet rat named Verma for a year. She would sit on my lap and brux her teeth. Sometimes she'd nibble at my hair. I accidentally trained her to tug my on shirt when she wanted to go back to her cage. (She was always nibbling holes in my shirt and I started taking her back to her cage when she did. I miss her. )

Dominance though? Nah, never saw it. I was her slave already.
When it is 3 boys showing who is the boss it tends to get... Loud.
They don't actually harm each other, just very loud. Sneaking up behind a female friend and surprise grab her bewbs loud.

My boys have really started to brux whenever I let them out of their cage. Because they know that means adventure. Whenever I take out the trash I let one them tab along on my shoulder.
A woman I met thought it was a kitten I had on my shoulder...
And by the gods do they love to bound their way across my sofas!

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