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06-01-2012, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
Tractor Beams & The Tractor Beam DOFF, for shield drain.

2 Projectile DOFFs, 1 Tractor Beam DOFF & 2 Dev Lab Sci DOFFs are what Cygone's build uses.

I'm not so sure about the Dev Labs, but the Projectile and Tractor are key to the build. I'd probably run a Transporter officer to use TSS (Transfer Shield Strength) to ged rid of the Borg Boarding parties. Works well on yourself and others.

This is one of the few builds I could actually see using Aux to Battery on and that may make a Technician a viable DOFF.

I hope people appreciate the links.
Yes very. I found i dont have the dilithium for the luna yet, but all this information is going to make the build easier! Thanks

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