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06-01-2012, 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I get that the SHIPS THEMSELVES should be rare and that's probably a stipulation with CBS.

But why not make it so that when someone claims a ship, the special weapons/consoles and the bridge from lockbox ships become a reclaimable, accountwide unlock?

So, for example:

Unlock the Cardassian ship, right?

Then let people claim multiples of and reclaim the Spiral Wave Disruptors. Let people claim the Disruptors on alts.

And let people use the Cardassian bridge on any ship they own.

That doesn't impact the rarity with which people might see a Galor but it does make some of the perks accountwide.

Also, I'd say the same for cosmetic Lobi rewards.

Well... the Bridge belongs to the ship, so that isn't going to happen.
Sprial Wave Disruptor... would probably have been in the Lobi Store if that store had been there for the Galor.

Anyway, my Galor runs a dual beam bank in front and turrets in the back because the weapon hard points for normal beam arrays are just badly placed.

also, 4 of those sprial wave disruptors is just plain stupid.
most players use 6 energy weapons, and since those are yellow disruptors you are not going to put 2 more GREEN disruptors on there but yellow phasers and therefore will gimp yourself.

screw that!
-> Spirals go into the Bank
Phasers and Photons on the ship + DONE.

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