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# 1 Bridge officers abilities.
06-01-2012, 06:41 PM
This has bugged me for a while now and i dont want to sound like a noob but how do i use my bridge officers abilities? When i try adding a skill that i got like my engineering officer got boarding party but if i try to add it to the try it dosent show up. nor for the tachyon beam or tractor beam. can someone explain this to me?
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06-01-2012, 07:23 PM
Be sure that you have spent skill points and promoted your BOffs. Then make sure you have the necessary BOff slots on your ship, with the BOffs actually slotted in.

Just as an example: say you have a Tactical BOff that has Tactical Team 1, and Beam Array Overload 2. You will need to go to that officer and spend skill points in Tac Team 1 until it maxes out, then promote the officer to Lieutenant, then spend more skill points in the Beam Array Overload skill.

Assuming that you have a Lt BOff position on your ship, you would then Press U, select your ship, and under Stations, you would slot that BOff into the appropriate position. Once you are in space, you should be able to see your BOffs and their skills in a set of toolbars.

Having done all that, you can pull any or all of your BO skills onto the "big" toolbar.

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