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06-02-2012, 11:37 AM
the XMPP works fine. Just make sure you setup it up correctly with the instructions. Tho Half the fleet chars are effed up. I would suggest making a channel for your fleets to all talk in. and put a + inbetween words if your room has a space in it. For example from making the account to getting into the rooms:

This is on account adding on Pidgin which I use for XMPP chat and most of my chats.

Username <~~~ Cryptic/PWE account name
Reource: This is the name you want to be known as. You will show up as that name for ex: "Newname@accountname"
Password <~~~~ Cryptic/pwe Account password

Now for the chat part of it. Alot of times looking for the room names won't work, Even looking under you will see the Fleet room names and alot of times it will not work. I excepted this fate. I made channels that me and my friends can talk under. For example, I will use my channel for the example

Go to join a Chat, Click the account you want (Xmpp

Room: Mass+Chaos (this is Mass Chaos in game, You need to put the + in replacement of a space between words)
handle: This doesnt seem to matter it never changes a thing.
Password: IF your channel has a password.

Now, As for Silver/ Gold/ Lifetime
Silver accounts I have NOT been able to get working.
Gold accounts have worked AS LONG as the sub is active, it died the moment they went back to silver
Lifetime Works fine.

This has been Tested by me and a few friends. The moment they reverted to Silver it died on them with the "not authorized" error.

Hopefully this helps some confusion

Dear Cryptic,
Please fix your XMPP chat servers so we can connect continuously with our fleets and stabily. It is a Brilliant feature alot of us enjoy (that have access to it)

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