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# 1 Poll: Pvps Biggest Problem
06-02-2012, 03:01 PM
Whats wrong with pvp? instead of a lognwinded-never read by anyone post, just select from these options and tell me why. In order of my belief as to whats most important.....

1. No purpose. Nothing to lose or gain, no scoreboards, no point to pvp but pvp itself. Give us a reason and I dare predict we will be flushed with old and new pvpers alike.

2. Powers out of whack. Everoyne will have their own take, but it is clear to most playes, certin powers are imbalanced and need fine tuning. My pet peeves: empts and tac team, too much uptime no opportunity cost.

3. Vague cheats/ exploits. If not actually damaging the game from use, the spectre of cheats remains a threat. All too easy to disregard a loss and claim "they cheated is all". Id put this higher as I really really hate when people lose and instantly blame the enemy for cheating, it belies their minimal understanding of the game. Documented evidenced exploits are one thing, but willy nilly accusing everyone who beats u of "hax" is bad for the game. All cheats and exploits need to be hammered out and erased.

4. Too much pet spam/strong pets. This one hardly merits a comment from me, I simply dont see the problem, or care abotu the crap carriers 1000fail pets. but hey if you do feel free to rant about it

5. Premades/teamwork
Despite jokingly complining about this last month, premades and high skilled team players only are a problem when they make themselves one. People who are friendly and offering of advice, even welcoming to take in new players to train, can not be blamed for playing with their friends. (they can be blamed for refusing a challenge and just fighting pugs.. but no one does that)

6. Afkers. Really big pet peeve of mine, but i foresee you will always have thois, no mater what reqwards/losses there are. Just remember who they are and be prepared to fight one mand down when "koandi" is on your team.....

thats all for now, feel free to add ur own gripes. ah, the cathartic release of venting frustration

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