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Originally Posted by agrady
I totally agree with you and thank you for listening! We regularly express the passion and efforts of Cryptic's STO team on our show and are avid fans of giving someone or a company the benefit of the doubt. We love to express our desires for the game, and we note that we have no idea if they're all possible since we can't see the true Cryptic/STO immediate priorities, budget, or list of how many players pay or don't pay for certain services or items. Only PWE and Cryptic know exactly what it takes to keep STO alive and help it grow, but we all agree that STO is both awesome as well as in need of lots of revamping. We definitely want STO to survive and continue to improve. I personally am lucky to have visited Cryptic quite a number of times. I'm familiar with how many designers and programmers they have and how super friendly, brilliant, passionate about Star Trek, and overworked they are. Outside of the STO staff environment, and as a STO player myself, I also am aware of and am intimately familiar with the past programming mistakes and current bugs, current economy(s), drop rates, content, character, and costume voids, and a lot more still haunting and hindering game play and the current player base and community. Our job on Priority One is to express ourselves as STO game players, discuss the realities and possibilities of every issue and project from as many viewpoints as possible, and to keep it fair, honest, entertaining, and fresh.

~ Adrianne Grady
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Originally Posted by Capt.Rax
Wait, when have you visited Cryptic? Did I miss you reporting about this? Why was there no fanfare about it? or did you personally know people at Cryptic before starting on the podcast? Is that why you got the gig with the PO team?

If you guys at PO want to claim you speak for the community and are not bias, it would be good to know you are not hanging out with the Dev team every night. Not that you can’t go sailing with them on the weekends if you want. Some of them seem to be a nice guys and gals. However, it would just help your audience to know if you are really being objective about Cryptic or just helping to support your friends.
I think before any other conclusions are made anyone who reads this should click HERE, The host rather then post on the STO forum has rectified what she meant in her post, which i think is more appropriate as any further posts on this forum could have escalated further without any of the full facts being known. I think Xatrian has gone above and beyond by doing this as most would just ignore the post, even though valid points were made.

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