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My real problems with PVP:

Everything is based on PVE first, with nearly no considering of PVP until AFTER it's released and proves to be "over powered" or "Unintended".

There is nolonger a Goal equal to that which you can gain in PVE (STFs for example)

It doesn't always feel like you actually need a "balanced" set up. There are times where it feels that as long as you have enough Tacs, you can almost beat anyone.

It definitely feels like if you bring enough healing, you can out last nearly anyone regardless of the classes used.

It doesn't feel like there is a proper balance between each type of Role plausable in Space (DPS, Healer, Disabler, or Tank)

PVP doesn't have a new player friendly feel. And doesn't have a good way to promote that with out causing dislike of the system at first.

There is currently a feeling of 4 Must have powers in PVP: Hazard Emitters, Transfer shield Strength, Tactical Team 1 (That's right only 1!), Emergency Power to Shields.

Doffs have some abilities that are stronger then perhaps they should be, or stackable in areas maybe they shouldn't be. (Brace for Impact Shield healing Doff for example)

Lock Box spam.

Constant attempt to incorporate PVE into PVP out side of Carriers VIA Consumable Pets that are easy to aquire.

Phaser Procs being more important then nearly all other weapon procs due to the power a random Subsystem Disable can provide.

C-store Ships with Consoles that prove, even after a "Nerf" are still just as annoying as before the "Nerf" (AMS for example)

Some STF set bonuses that could still be considered troublesome. (MACO 2 peice set bonus Tetryon Glider for example)

Visual effects from some powers that hide others. (Eject Warp Plasma, for example)

Science Lack of Usefulness.

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