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# 1 Cluster Exploration Bug
06-03-2012, 05:55 AM
I try to do 2 missions in one of the clusters. First one was a space station. I keep loosing my crew members when they touch a wall. Or going through a door. They will appear in a total different room. And some of the enemy groups I'm suppose to kill. Also disappear or jump in and out of the area. After a few failed attempts on this mission. I dropped it, and got to go into another system to explore.

This mission was a planet one. Same things was happening. I would just random loose a crew member running near buildings and rocks. The groups of enemy I manage to kill wouldn't count as my mission goal. I beamed off the planet and back a few times trying to reset the mission to see if that works. At times I wouldn't get any crew members while beaming down. They would be marked dead and no where on my map. Even the enemies would disappear.

I really love doing the explore cluster missions. They are fun to repeat and get good loot. Its hard to do this when you can't even complete the mission.

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