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# 1 Kinneas' Trekradio.COM
04-13-2012, 11:39 PM
Looking for Star Trek Online friendly radio!? WWW.TREKRADIO.COM

Star Trek music, various music (50's-up), Simon and Schuster Star Trek Audio books, Sci-fi Audio Dramas, Star Trek news, Listener PvP, etc.

Station Owner: Kinneas (World's first Interviews w/STO Developers. Guinness Book of Records event co-starter: The Most Dressed Trekkers in One Location. The Hailing Frequency Podcast. Fleet Radio. Argus Array. ST:O-Zone. Subspace-Radio. STO-Radio. StarTrekradio.

Current DJ's: Kinneas, Huntress, ChrisX, DJ Doug, Woody Reloaded.

Currently recruiting DJ's (SAM/Shoutcast/Auto DJ systems, experience pref.)
Must of course, love Star Trek and preferably be an avid Star Trek Online and Star Trek news hound.

Contact me directly:
Skype: Kinneas01

More info: About

"The Voice of Star Trek Online!"
"Broadcasting to the UFP and Beyond!"

Do those sound familiar? One is used by and the other by
What do they have in common? I created the copy for both. As well as co-creating both of those stations.

I was also co-creator on: The Hailing Frequency Podcast, The Argus Array, STO-Zone Live,, STO-Radio, StarTrekradio and Some may also remember me from my ST:Oned (Star Trek Online) cartoon series.

I tried over the years to help create the above stations and programs with the hopes that they would become actual business entities, attract artists, that they could provide some Creative Commons rights with regard to unique content and simple merchandising (tee-shirts etc) etc. It was impossible to do any of the above with the other co-creators. In the end I was never able to secure my own rights ( let alone those of the other creators). I have had to walk away (or get pushed out!) from all of the things I have helped create and allow those who came after to take control of those.

With no desire to go through the above again and with NO other partners or co-creators at this time, I have started

This is a very tough time as there are now quite a few stations out there and starting over is always no fun.

Please consider helping or tuning into now and then!

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# 2 Legal Statement
04-30-2012, 04:41 PM
Dear listeners, Cryptic/PWE, Star Trek celebrities, Star Trek content creators and fellow Dj's.

I've noticed a lot of you have stopped listening in as frequently and many folks have become kind of phaser shy around me lately. Why?

It has come to my attention that the folks over at have formed into an L.L.C. (A limited liability company, have begun trademark registration, sought council and want to send me a cease and desist letter.

Folks. Don't believe the hype and do not let this influence you to stop supporting Kinneas'


When Trademark lawyers are brought into the picture, what will need to be determined is who has been operating in the field longer.

Kinneas, has been providing Star Trek podcasting and broadcasting for almost ten years now and was the first Star Trek Online broadcaster.

Through affiliations with folks like Zach Nicodemous and the Gaming Radio Network, Kinneas helped create Hailing Frequency, the world first podcast dedicated to Star Trek Gaming, Subspace-radio the first star Trek online radio station, STO-Radio, Star Trek Radio and Trek itself.

Kinneas helped deliver the worlds very first interviews with Star Trek Online, Executive Producers and developers and with regards to Internet broadcasting, Kinneas was one of the first to start drawing in the Star Trek celebrity interviews.

Due to failed partnership agreements, multiple copyright infringements, and recently being forced out of by secondary parties, Kinneas was given no choice but to sever association with all previous podcasts and Internet radio stations and and start all over with Kinneas'

Folks. Don't believe the fake legal hype. Don't be intimidated by the people now in control of or any other station if you have wanted to leave and DJ for TR.COM or have your content broadcast..

If discovery is called for, it will be clear who has been operating in this field a very long time.

Thank you for your support all these years and thank you for continuing to support Kinneas'
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# 3
05-03-2012, 07:48 PM
Very Dramatic... I was wondering why there were two trek radio stations.

Anyhow, I'd rather see a focused group effort. This would better utilize the fan base and keep us from jumping around stations. If we're not all in one place listening to one station, there won't be enough fans for any one station to actually make money. The talent is also spread too thin right now by having so many of these stations. This is exemplefied by the fact that every station is looking for DJ's. All adding another station does is further saturate the market.

To be honest, I kinda got a bad taste in my mouth about online radio after risa radio went down. I know you didnt claim a connection to them, so I'm not accusing you or anything.

They ran a contest for a trip to Vegas. To enter, you gave PayPal donations to the station. MANY people donated money to the station to enter the contest. Right before the winner was to be announced, the station stopped broadcasting and the URL began pointing to the Disney vacations site.

So the guy running that station skipped out on the project. He didn't award a winner or return the entry money. That's fraud..

With fraud like that going on, it's hard to get behind a new station that has been in so many failed partnerships. Further, I'm put off by the fact that people are calling each other out in public forums over their business disagreements. If there is going to be a legal battle, everyone involved is gonna be wishing they'd have kept their mouths shut when they actually get to litigation.

What we need is for all of you guys at all of your stations to get together and do the project right. Star Trek is about cooperation after all.

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# 4
06-03-2012, 01:19 PM
Thanks for the Memories.. For Roxy and Bear and all the others that left and tried to continue the fun.
For Bara and Pets Starship Convoys in Sectore s after sectore. .and the things sto-radio did .

No one wins for fewer options.. many podcast wil lgo unlistened too by people w/o IE9.

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