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05-31-2012, 11:00 AM
I got to hand it to you BranFlakes that looks so sick as a fighter! I know what i'm gonna get next stipend! Finally a Stealth fighter, i can't wait and try the Star Trek version of the F-22 Raptor.

Now all i need to do is make a Dogfight missions, and a launch tube to fly out of in our fighter.

Top Gun in STO, Gozer must be giddy by now, so for Season 6 can you make some PVP dogfighting since he loves Top Gun.

Running into the Danger Zone!

Hanger launch tube maybe?

Add missles like the Sparrow (Fox 3) and AM-2 Sidewinder (Fox 2)

RIO (Radar Intercept officers?) boffs maybe? in this game it would be (SIO) Sensor Intercept officer)
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# 112 Kinda on topic post
05-31-2012, 01:22 PM
First the fighter/shuttle specs look good. Do I need, no.

This is going to be random thoughts from my point of view.

There is a use for everything Cryptic puts on in the game. Just as a point, the consoles that you get when you buy ships make it worth buying the ship. For a Noob. Which is not to say is a bad thing. Just, they work great when you don't have your ship optimally setup. But once you learn most of what the parts of the ship do bonus/buff wise you won't need the consoles from those ships. The game is setup to be playable by both Noob, Elitist and everyone else in-between, Balanced. Faction wise not balanced, never was going to be, this is Star Trek Online not Klingons Online. Are they getting more new stuff? I would say eventually, once allot more toons are Klinks.

To me F2P is a nice money maker for the investor, but slows creativity.

I would love to go back to Monthly fees if we got a new addition (not ships) every 2 to 3 months

Things I would love to see if the game.

Fleet StarBases (Conquerable, opt in for bonus rewards)
Fleet Wars
Conquerable Worlds (Fleet owned worlds) (something that Klingons would love)
Opt in Universe PVP
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05-31-2012, 01:42 PM
Since this will basically just be used in a couple of missions and the Vault event, why do I care about knocking an NPC's aux offline?
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05-31-2012, 09:00 PM
Originally Posted by reyan01
I'll probably buy this - sounds like it'll be fun to fly.

Query though - will the Thoron Generator Module/console be transferrable? I'd love to stick it on my Prometheus, Sao Paulo or one of my shuttles when not using the fighter.
Like with the Yellowstone's Tetryon engine, it can be used on any "small craft" (shuttle/fighter). It can not be used on "regular" starships.
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06-01-2012, 12:24 AM
Cryptic, I sure hope you are reading what you're customers are saying, the people who put the money into your company, who keep you in a job and keep you playing your rent and living expenses.

Like the others have said, too much Federation content compared to the KDF. You're going to loose a lot of your customers unless you do something drastic for the KDF, like only working on them for the next 12 months and bring the KDF up to equal standing to the Feds in C-store items, playable free species and missions.

I doubt I will go gold until the KDF are worked on and put to equal standing as the Federation. I joined to play Star Trek Online not Federation Online.
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06-01-2012, 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by Ootarion
Then you have COMPLETELY missed the point behind Star Trek. Star Trek is about the discovery of new life, new civilizations, new worlds, things never seen before.
"Star Trek" is about humanities' journey across the unknown. Even though the journey includes meeting other species, the main premise of the show is about the human condition. When it comes to adding a cat species to the universe, "Star Trek" has had their diversity of encounters. Reptiles, dogs, jellyfish, etc... However, have you ever wandered about the prologue to "TOS" and "TNG"? How about what perspective that prologue is based upon? When Cryptic put an alien in charge of the Enterprise, they took away that special reason why a human was always captain. Hmmm... Lets take this a step further. Where did the name Enterprise come from? Was the ship named after an alien vessel, or was it named after a long line of human engineered vessels? How about the ship names Defiant, Challenger, Voyager, etc...? Why are all the Federation vessels named after historical ships found in human history?

Its because "Star Trek" is about our journey through the stars.

Therefore, every ship added to the Federation column should carry a consistent design, which revolves around one simple premise 'Engineered and Built By Humanity'. Even though the concepts behind those technologies could be inspired by another species, the design they carry should be based upon human ingenuity.

...and, that is why you don't see a Klingon or Vulcan ship with Starfleet markings.

(I just saw a flaw in what I said, but I will still leave the comment. Starfleet vrs. Federation creates a good debate. Starfleet = Human Organization. ---- Federation = Multi-Species Organization.)
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my first ship was the NX Class my second was this guess what I fly in combat as a support to my Starship friends. yeah a Stalker! and guess what I'm doing Pretty good in a dog fight, next it's on to PVP, this low Signature thing is cool I only got tagged once.

I'm leveling my character in this Stalker
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06-04-2012, 01:07 AM
I don't just look at a ship's exterior I look at the whole package, exterior AND interior. This ship is gets a 5 out of 10. To put it in perspective those C-Store Odysseys get a 7/10 cause they only "finished" the bridge. If it was a free ship like the 2nd Anniversary Odyssey or ones you get free from reaching a new rank, one can't really complain... its FREE.

Once again... Its really sad that Cryptic puts effort into the exterior but skips on the interiors. The new stalker fighter I'm sure has the same standard shuttle bridge. Sad sad sad. Granted not many will venture to their shuttle bridge but that is partly due to ALL shuttle bridges are the same doesn't matter how exotic and unique a ship/shuttle/fighter looks.

With that said the exterior looks GREAT... Cr@p interior.

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