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06-04-2012, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
Someone has a lot of confidence in the people who brought us Voldy 1-9, the MACO shield bug, Jem Shield Doff bug, shield stacking, 100% disables, and the like, lol.

I would just point out that, two years of relative inaction aside, they did quite literally say that they could take or leave PvP. It's in the very first of the "weekly" updates.
Still... I'd trust myself to their judgement rather than any player... The n00bs can't see the consequences, and the pros want the game to fit their style. Many of the best players in the game have been embracing clearly broken things. Cryptic at least is impartial. (albeit not effective)

Yeah, they wouldn't miss the current pvpers in their income statement, and they are at the point where they have to fix it or leave it, but I say giving it to gozer is a strong statement. STO now, is in the hands of what may be said to be the top dev. The one dev (phaps aside from Heretic) who has the ability and authority to change whole sections of the game. I'm sure they could have found lots of nice things to use him for, and they gave him to PvP. That speaks loudly to me!

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