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06-04-2012, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by TF-Omega View Post
But this would also challenge pugs to act as a team... nice...something needed two years ago!
They are already "challenged" to act as a team, they are challenged and FAIL all the time.

There is plenty of incentive for working together and teamwork, its just that most casual people can't be f'd to go towards it.
And if its pvp for pvp gear, in a pvp game they don't want to pvp in... WHATS THE POINT!?

I think the old pvp marks and cap3 shields brings a good thing to mind. Improve the dilithum store, and improve PvP's dilithum returns.
Have the PvP gear be purchasable through dilithum, this way anyone can grind/buy there way into a good gear set for pvp without having to grind STF's just to pvp they can pick there poison and gear up as they choose to.

Where STF sets have plasma resists, give PvP sets more generic yet weaker resists.
Give them a nice three piece bonus thats comparable to subnuc (mainly something to counter RSP), make them want to break that 2 or 3 piece borg set for something only truly useful in pvp.
PvP specific weapons with 2 or 3 ACC modifiers.

Possibly have a pvp "mark" again (yeah I know more currencies) where you need X marks + some dilithum, with not many marks being required. You get a mark for defeat or 2-3 for winnings in pvp, marks can be cashed in for dilithum.

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